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The story of Mercy Deliverance Ministries began as MDM’s founder, Toni Vines, completely trusted her life to the mercy of Jesus and His divine process of deliverance. After Toni yielded her life to the painful, yet freeing process of deliverance, God saw fit to launch MDM with a missed flight, an unexpected trip to Hawaii, and recognizing a divine opportunity. Toni ended up in Hawaii after her original flight for a family trip was canceled, and the experience in paradise turned out to be much more than a vacation. This divine appointment changed the course of her life – and many more lives to follow.

When Toni heard about the history and near extinction of native Hawaiians, it crushed her heart. The fact that native Hawaiians are actually a race of people whose independent nation was overthrown, further endeared her to their history and culture.

The Lord further burdened her heart with the plight of the Compacts of Free Association (COFA) migrants living in Hawaii. A population of approximately 15,000 Micronesian people without proper access to healthcare, housing, and federal benefits shouldn’t be so easy to ignore, but somehow hardly anyone had been talking about or advocating for them. With this new found information and the lifelong burden to help those in her home state of Alabama, she knew she had to help.

Access to affordable housing, healthcare, and fresh food were common social problems shared by each state. God’s solution was clear – provide healthcare and food via mobile vehicles – take these services TO people.

With a background of 24 years in nursing, Toni gained extensive experience in the medical field. She decided to start where her feet were – taking the momentum of her short trip and begin her journey advocating for improved health and wellness and fresh food options for those in need. The process began by orchestrating change in her home state of Alabama while simultaneously learning more about how to help the people of Hawaii. 

Currently, MDM provides services in both Alabama and Hawaii, ushering in hope and deliverance for people greatly in need of love, acceptance, and transformation.


Our goal at Mercy Delivery Ministries is to break cycles of poverty by providing educational opportunities, healthcare services, and access to affordable healthy food.


At Mercy Deliverance Ministries, we are committed to the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of every person we reach. Our vision is to champion the cause of the marginalized and give a voice to the voiceless. By demonstrating the love of God through patience and compassion, those we serve will be better equipped to maximize their potential greatness, God-given identity, and destiny.


“Through a generous donation, the American Heart Association was able to expand our Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Scholars program into a new area of Alabama: Tuskegee. This donation has allowed the inclusion of Tuskegee University, in partnership with Auburn University as the mentoring host, and the addition of six new students to the program over the next 3 years.”

Lizzi Wilkerson
American Heart Association

“MDM is a founding member of Fuel Your Body, Feed Your Soul. They have supported us through the planning stages and our initial community launch through our speaking engagements, blog promotion and the development of our social media platforms. MDM has been an invaluable asset in helping refine our Common Sense Transformation program to help people heal their relationship with food through developing a Kingdom Mindset, anchored in Matthew 6:33 to experience a Romans 12:2 transformation in this area of their lives.”

Carol Bevil
Fuel Your Body, Feed Your Soul, LLC

“MDM was the presenting sponsor of our semester-long service learning project for students. MDM provided a solid base upon which students developed and executed plans for raising both awareness and funds for cancer research. Partnering with MDM allowed students to give back to their community in creative and meaningful ways, ways that engaged both the students and the greater community. We are extremely grateful for MDM.”

Kym Prewitt
RISE at Vestavia Hills High School



We invite you to join the MDM community. Let’s work together to provide access to fresh food and quality healthcare to those in need. Together, we truly can make a change in our communities and throughout the world.


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